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 plywood country output
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17.05.2018 11:12
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is used answer plywood country output is 12. 650 thousand stere, and achieved 1996 34. 1 stere, grow 63 than 1995. 4 % . 1998, japan ensures through residential anti slip tiles No Painting character law, the building is used answer plywood market demand expands further, from 1999 - 2001, output is respectively 48. 370 thousand stere, 62. 230 thousand stere, 78. 160 thousand stere; Increase rate is respectively 29. 3 % , growth 28. 7

% and 25. 6 % . Be in answer the import timber plastic retaining wall side of plywood, japan began to increase considerably 1996, import in those days 23. 10 thousand stere, than going up year increase 56 % ; Imported 2001 49. 80 thousand stere, grow 11 than 2000. 9 % . Main entrance origin is Austria, Finnish, Sweden, Germany and United States. wpc panels manufacturer in dubai Already was the building 21 century with compound panel in view of Japan the standard component

of ligneous residence, and its year demand predicts to will be achieved very quickly 3 million establish rice, accordingly market of Japanese answer plywood is worth a manufacturer to be extended actively very much. Does northeast forest big development go green man-made board: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge anchoring vinyl fence post to existing wall rebar subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Northeast forest big development goes " green " man-made board

Indeks Forum -> GŁÓWNE FORUM SZUBIN.INFO -> Pogaduchy o Szubinie i mieszkańcach -> plywood country output 
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