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 In November, he pleaded guilty to seven counts
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12.07.2018 08:04
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Prawie jak pisarz
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RAMALLAH James Reimer Jersey , Jan. 14 (Xinhua) -- Palestinian President MahmoudAbbas slammed on Sunday the peace deal proposed by U.S. PresidentDonald Trump, calling it a "a slap on the face."

Abbas told members of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)Central Council, who convened in the city of Ramallah for two days,that Trump's "deal of the century" is "a slap on the face," adding"we will slap back."

The Central Council convened for two days to come up withstrategic decisions on the peace process Nick Bjugstad Jersey , the relations with Israeland to discuss Trump's declaration last December to recognizeJerusalem as Israel's capital.

"Jerusalem was removed from the table by a tweet of Mr. Trump,"said Abbas, adding that "the status of Jerusalem is like Mecca.Nothing is more important than Jerusalem."

The Palestinians consider East Jerusalem, which was occupied byIsrael during the Arab-Israeli war in 1967, as the capital of theirfuture independent state Connor Brickley Jersey , while Israel declared the integralJerusalem as its eternal capital.

"We say No to what contradicts with our fate, our future or ourcause or our people... No and a thousand Nos and now we say toTrump No and No and we tell Trump 'the deal of the century' is 'aslap of the century," said Abbas.

He stressed that "the Palestinians will not leave or make orrepeat the mistakes of the past," adding "this is a fateful momentthat calls on every Palestinian to immediately stand up to defendthe fate of the eternal capital."

Meanwhile, Abbas criticized Islamic Hamas movement and theIslamic Jihad for boycotting the meeting of the PLO CentralCouncil. The two groups said they decided not to join the meetingbecause it was not held in one of the Arab countries.

"It bothered me a lot that our brothers said at the last minutethat they would not attend because the place of the meeting is notappropriate. Where is the place in their eyes to make fatefuldecisions freely?" said Abbas.

He went on saying "I may not blame Islamic Jihad because they donot work in politics Jonathan Huberdeau Jersey , but what bothers me is our brothers inHamas."

Speaker of the Council Salim Za'noon said earlier that "theUnited States is no longer a sponsor of the peace process after itsdeclaration on Jerusalem.

He said that "any ideas that are traded under the name of 'thedeal of the century' must be confronted. It seeks to impose adeficient solution that does not meet the minimum of our legitimaterights."

"We must reaffirm the rights of our people to resist theoccupation in its entire legitimate means and to make its costgreat. The Palestinian National Council (PNC) should be consideredas the Legislative Council of the Palestinians," he added.Enditem

Having a bedroom that fits your personality is important, because when you think about it, you are likely spending about one third of your life in there. Even if most of that is sleeping, it has been proven that people sleep better when they are in a comfortable sleeping environment. Not only does that have to do with temperature Aaron Ekblad Jersey , cleanliness, and darkness in the room, it also has to do with the style of furniture you have. If you go to one of your furniture stores in Kelowna, you probably have noticed how much furniture they have to offer. If you have decided to redecorate your bedroom, there are several pieces of furniture you are going to want to look for.
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