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 seven candidates
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FUZHOU, June 9 (Xinhua) -- Three people are missing after a boat capsized during a dragon boat racing Thursday afternoon in east China's Fujian Province, rescuers said.

The boat with 36 people capsized in the Minjiang River of Yuankou village, Minhou county at about 4:30 p.m. when the race was staged to mark the traditional Dragon Boat Festival.

Thirty-three were rescued, while more than 160 people and eight ships were engaged in the search.

Dragon Boat Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, which commemorates the death of poet Qu Yuan during the Warring States period between 475 and 221 BC.

Disappointed with the government and emperor he served, Qu drowned himself in the Miluo River of central China's Hunan Province. Local people who learned of his death raced in boats to find his body. The tradition passed down to this day.

As a prudent property owner Jameis Winston Color Rush Jersey , one expects to always hire the safest and the most reliable basement waterproofing contractor. However, in some cases, the experience goes bad and the expected results are not achieved. In order to make it easy and comfortable for property owners to choose and work with the best basement waterproofing New Jersey contractors, some essential questions have been listed. By using these pointers as a reference, one can be certain about placing the property into safe hands.

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2) Is your company insured, licensed and bonded?

Property owners can ask to see a copy of the company’s license. Basement waterproofing is not generally a perilous task but accidents have happened in the past. In the worst case scenario, a company with liability insurance, bonding and compensation for its workers can save the property owner from financial burden.

3) Let us talk a little more about the kind of processes and systems you have in place!

A property owner with some technical knowledge about the process of basement waterproofing can talk to the contractor in detail about the project plan. Also, it is highly recommended to do some research to understand the repair process before hiring a contractor. Questions about the sump pump, the back-up system, and discharge capacity and so on can be thrown at the contractor. Learning more about the project and the proposed solution offers a sense of relief for the owner.

4) What is the guarantee you are offering?

Property owners must know about the validity of the warranty, the aspects it covers and if there is a transferability option. It may also be wise to check if there have been any instances when the company has opted out of the service warranty coverage.

When the answers to these questions have been satisfactory, then the owner can move on and start the discussion about the cost of the waterproofing basement NJ project.

MEXICO CITY, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- Cuban Richer Perez on Sunday won the Central American and Caribbean Games' Marathon competition in men's category, while Mexican Margarita Hernandez won women's category.

Perez, 28 and winner of 2014 Havana's Half Marathon, won the race with a time of 2 hours, 19 minutes and 13 seconds.

Guatemalan Jose Garcia (2:19:45), champion in 2010 Mayaguez Central American and Caribbean Games, and Mexican Daniel de Jesus Vargas (2:20:27) arrived in second and third places respectively.

On the other hand, Mexican Hernandez arrived first in women's category with a time of 2:41:16, followed by Cuban Dailin Belmonte (2:42:01) and Venezuelan Zuleima Amaya (2:42:27).

With this result, Cuba confirms its dominance in Central American Games reaching 121 gold medals.

LONDON, Sept. 29 (Xinhua) -- The United Kingdom Independence Party Independence Party (UKIP) Friday named Henry Bolton as its new leader, becoming the fourth person to hold the top job in just over a year.

The 54-year-old former soldier and police officer was chosen after a ballot was held by UKIP members.

He was one of seven candidates bidding to become leader after his predecessor Paul Nuttall quitted after the poor results in the general election in June.

Bolton gained about 30 percent of the votes, ahead of his nearest rival Anne Marie Waters who won over 21 percent.

After the result of the election released at the party's annual conference, Bolton issued a plea urging the members to rally around the party.

"Brexit is our core task. However, it is not the end of the line," said Bolton in the conference.

UKIP was formed in 1993 with its aim to campaign for Britain to leave the European Union. Although it does not have any sitting MPs in the House of Commons, it has attracted millions of followers, including many disaffected with mainstream politics.

Bolton have served with Thames Valley police and also worked for the United Nations. Before joining UKIP, he stood as a parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats.

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