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Sailfish are probably the most abundant fish in the waters off Costa Rica. They are generally bluish grey in color and are easily recognized by the large dorsal fin that runs the entire length of its back. Sailfish grow very fast often up to four or five feet in one year Cheap Evan Fournier Jersey , reaching full growth at around 10 feet. They are also one of the fastest of ocean fish and can travel up to nearly 70 miles per hour. They can get to be as large as 200 pounds but are usually somewhat smaller than this. Their size and speed are what makes them a great sport fishing challenge. They can be caught year round on the Pacific coast of the country, but peak season is generally May through August.


This is probably the sport fish that most are familiar with. It is prized because it is harder to find and hook than almost any other sport fish. Their enormous size and fighting abilities are what attracts anglers from all over the world. The world record for a non commercial catch is something like 1400 pounds. November to March is the best time to land one of these monsters in Costa Rica.


Another good fighter among Costa Rica fish is the roosterfish, so named for its rather odd appearance, which is identified by their 7 large spines that sit above the dorsal fin. They are caught mainly from June through October and average about 20 pounds, but 100 pounders over four feet in length have been recorded. They are a good fighting fish as well.


The Dorado is more commonly known as dolphin fish or mahi mahi. These names have been adopted by most of the fishing industry so as to keep these fish separate from the more commonly recognized dolphin, which is actually a mammal. Like the sailfish, dorados also have dorsal fins running the length of their backs. They are smaller than sailfish, seldom getting to more than 25 pounds. Dorados are easily recognized by their brilliant colors. They can be green blue and golden on their backs and sides. One of the most interesting things to watch when you catch one is how it changes colors upon coming out of the water. They are popular game fish because of their fighting ability, but they are also favoured for eating in many restaurants in the area.


Some folks say the name for this fish comes from fishermen hollering ?yahoo? when they land one of these very fast running ocean fish. They can grow up to 8 feet in length and can weigh up to 180 pounds. They can swim up to almost 50 miles per hour which puts the sport into sport fishing when you?re after them! The Wahoo has razor sharp teeth so all fishing is done with steel leaders only. Wahoo is a good eating fish as well and prized for its white flesh and delicate flavour.

So, find the best fighting fish to round out your sport fishing trip to Costa Rica.
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