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 ited to the bedtime hours. In practic
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Restless legs syndrome is a fairly common condition, affecting about 10% of all adults in the U.S. While more of a nuisance than a cause for alarm, those with restless legs syndrome welcome anything that alleviates their discomfort. Surprisingly, self-pleasuring may be one way to combat this issue. Men interested in good male organ care know that self-pleasuring has many benefits, but the possibility that it keeps legs under control is likely to be news to most.

What is RLS?

Restless legs syndrome (or RLS) is a sleep-related movement disorder in which a person has an irresistible impulse to move the legs when at rest. It is most popularly known for the fact that its victims experience severe leg movements while they sleep, which causes discomfort for them and impedes the restfulness associated with and needed from sleep. In addition, those who sleep in the same bed are made uncomfortable and have their own sleep disturbed by the sometimes violent involuntary leg movements.

In popular culture, RLS is limited to the bedtime hours. In practice, however, many people with RLS experience similar, if not as intense, desires to move their legs while awake. When that desire is stifled, they may experience itchiness, numbness or “creepy” feelings in their legs.


What causes RLS? There are quite a few things linked to the appearance of RLS, including:

• Iron deficiency, the cause of perhaps 20% of all RLS cases. Lack of iron is thought to impede dopamine production, and lack of dopamine seems to be a big factor in RLS. (Dopamine is a hormone that plays a key role in the way a body experiences pleasure.)

• ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), primarily because of the lack of sufficient dopamine.

• Genetics, especially (again) when the genes create a situation in which dopamine is frequently lacking.

• Medications, which may inadvertently create or worsen RLS while improving other conditions.

Self-pleasuring as medication

So why is self-pleasuring a possible relief for RLS? According to a study published in the journal Sleep Science, it all has to do with dopamine.

As indicated above, dopamine production seems to play a role in RLS. As a matter of fact, many doctors prescribe medications that aim to up dopamine production in order to provide relief from RLS.

But what if there were a natural way of increasing dopamine, rather than an artificial way? Scientists have studied brain imaging scans taken of men experiencing seed release. The scans show that the dopamine levels generated during male intense point are extremely high.

In at least one case study, a man was found to alleviate all his RLS symptoms whenever he self-stimulated. From this study, many doctors have taken to advising their male patients with RLS to try self-gratifying just before bed every night. And many patients report that it does indeed make a difference and allow them to get a good night’s sleep.

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