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  I could dream of it to
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12.08.2019 04:05
Pierwsze literki... i cyferki
Pierwsze literki... i cyferki
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In the early autumn of the cold rain Cigarettes Online, it seems that Wu is not favored. The ghostly weather is full of the fall of the city. All the sweat has been buried in the sunny days. The air has a degenerate smell. This monotonous heat makes me unable to sleep. Holding the restlessness of last night, walking on the bright campus, the bright sunshine made me breathless, I tried to find that shade, I wanted to put myself in the refrigerator and compress it into a cold air. , drifting everywhere. I hate the sticky feeling on my body, and the traces of sweat have become obvious. I prayed for the coming of a blast, and I hoped to wash away the heat of the city and bring a little cool. However, every time I saw the high number on the thermometer, I no doubt hit the last hope in my heart again and again, but I still firmly believe that there will be a good day. On a clear afternoon, I suddenly smelled the scent of the colIn August of the lunar calendar, I watched the title page of the calendar less and less than the number of pages of the Mid-Autumn Festival. I thought about the Mid-Autumn Festival, and I was closer to myself. I watched the bright red moon in the night sky, let me I saw the night of August in the early autumn and the deep love of a crescent moon. The rise of a crescent moon has made people feel another cycle of roundness and lack. These days before the Mid-Autumn Festival, there will always be a crescent moon in the black sky, and the moon is illusory, sly, and faintly faint. At this time, a new moon in the night sky hangs quietly on the treetops, and it seems as close as I can reach. Looking at the faint moon-like moon in the sky, charmingly bent in the clear night sky, the sky is dotted with sparkling stars, sparse and sparse, like a little bit of Hua Deng, flickering. In Qinghui, which was sprinkled in a new moon, my thoughts became so translucent and poetic. The fragrant smell of bitter coffee, accompanied by the scent of ink and darkness, a smattering of small letters and nights, the night is gorgeous, because there is a crescent moon. When neon lights can be tired, they will lose their brilliance for various reasons. It is a man-made product after all. And this new moon in the sky is different. The moon is the darling of nature, the sedan of the universe, and the eternal eternity. Although the moon is full of gloom, no matter whether it is nightfall or the dawn of the child, the moon will appear in the west or the east, and occasionally it will hang in the sky with the sun. At this moment, a crescent moon in the sky has tempered everything, and it is more passionate with a few minutes. With the wilderness flowing, the riverbank whispers softly, filling the warmth and romance of the night. The night under the new moon gives a quiet and beautiful beauty, beautiful and beautiful. I don't know how many people in this mood will open the window, how many people are obsessed, the blue moon, the distant moon, the crooked md air. I swam again on the campus. The skirt danced with the wind, and all the sweat was dried up. The mood was clear, and at least I could dream of it tonight. Lying on the bed, remove all the exhaustion, relax the mind, slowly and slowly close your eyes, as if the world is only me, quiet and serene. Reality and dreams quickly turn, I am as light as a swallow, floating in my dreams, gently, and floating. Suddenly, I came to the peach blossom source Carton Of Cigarettes, and the peach branch was burning Cigarettes For Sale. Full of land and delicate red, Wan Zhi Dan coloring spring melt. The peach blossoms are shallow and deep, like a deep and deep makeup. I was so defeated that I fell in love with the splendid beauty, and I was addicted to it. There is a harmonious spring breeze, a pleasant sunshine, a pleasant temperature, and a beautiful wind. That night, I made a long dream and didn't want to wake up. In the early autumn, I fell in love with the peach blossoms. Maybe I just like the smell of spring.
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