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 I really like this kind
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12.08.2019 04:05
Pierwsze literki... i cyferki
Pierwsze literki... i cyferki
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I really like this kind of rain, falling long, forgetting the dusk, forgetting the time, and forgetting the season. Especially in the autumn of September, where the south is still hot, the rain suddenly falls down like a curtain of tulle, and immediately blocks a lot of sunshine and harassment, and this clear-cut image, because the weather is too Bright, endless sound and sound, the pace of life is so much that you can't finish it, and it has the kind of urge to force people so that you can't be lazy. On a bright sunny day, the number of times your home phone rings will be more than that of rainy days. The chances of the doorbell being ringed are also more than the rainy days, and your own heart will keep on busy - especially those When the woman��s family touches the sunny day after the rain, it is like a golden yellow gold. If you want to make good use of it, you want to wear clothes and want to dry the quilt. Clean up the room quickly. Because of this hot sunshine, one piece of wet clothes can be dried and brittle, leaving every fragrance that has been exposed to it, and this good weather is the most attractive to go. The weather for travel and outings is also the most convenient weather for dealing with all kinds of outings Online Cigarettes. Of course, it is also a good weather for visiting friends. It seems that when it��s sunny, everything will be rushing to flock, and you don��t know which one to do first. Things are good
Suddenly, the golden sunlight turned dark, and in the dark atmosphere, the pearl fell like a pearl, and then countless raindrops lined up in a line, suppressing the flying dust... although the gait of the rain Soft, you still hear its clear, rhythmic step. As the strings play and you continue to add more strings, you can hear a rich symphony of rain! At this time, the whole earth was enveloped in a curtain of rain. First of all, you feel the coolness of the silky touch of the skin, the heat retreats, and the irritability also goes away. Looking at the world through a thin layer of shackles, no worries, the world is as quiet and lovely. Looking at life through a layer of distance, people and things are better arranged. Really, in such a quiet rainy day, no one harasses anyone, only the greenery in the rain is like Yunyu. The buds also have the color, the same is our dry heart - every day heavy in the smoke and irritability, but also get some Zerun, find a little quiet, find the voice and thinking that belongs to them if rain It's thicker and denser, and you're even more worried. Many of the miscellaneous things in life can be put down and innocent. Only then, you can justifiably push all the things you don't want to say: "It's raining, wait until the weather is good." - This is the best reason, no one can blame you for being lazy Newport Cigarettes. In fact, you are lazy, but the heart is like the leaves in the rain, and especially in the autumn of September, which is still hot in the south, let the rain like nectar bring you a cool, let you calmly brew the autumn. Romantic and caring!
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Indeks Forum -> GŁÓWNE FORUM SZUBIN.INFO -> Opinia -> I really like this kind  
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