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 an be eaten and disinfecte
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09.09.2019 04:27
Pierwsze literki... i cyferki
Pierwsze literki... i cyferki
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I have no research on trees. It was only during this time that I walked in the park and looked at the trees in the park every day. I paid attention to the trees. I found that the ginkgo tree is quite different Newport Cigarettes Coupons. On a rainy day, I came to Dangyang Yuquan Temple and walked in this ancient millennium. The thousand-year-old ginkgo tree caught my eye and looked at it. Written on the stone: Millennium Ginkgo, planted in the Tang Dynasty, dating back to 1280, the Dangyang Municipal People's Government was established in 1996. It is 1296 years ago that this ginkgo tree has been calculated. So, I carefully observed this ginkgo tree to the ginkgo tree trunk is thick and beautiful. I stared at the ginkgo tree. Its fan-shaped small leaves were yellow and yellow, and the yellow sky reflected the yellow leaves. As the autumn wind blows, it leaves quietly from the branches and makes a spin in the air. Return to the embrace of Mother Earth like a beautiful butterfly. Slowly, the leaves accumulate more and more, and the rustling on the top is very comfortable. The branches of ginkgo are sparse and thin, some are hovering or hovering around the trunk, some are stretching to the side, and some are as upwards as the trunk. A long distance will grow a branch Marlboro Red, the thickest. The branches are as thick as the adult's arms, the thinnest, just like our little finger. The most beautiful is the backbone. The trunk of the ginkgo tree is very thick and straight, and it is rarely slanted out. The target is clear. It is always upwards and straight into the sky. Although a small trunk is born on the side, it makes people more respectful. I named it "Mother and Ginkgo." ". Although the two trunks, the same is true, there are few branches and leaves attached to the trunk. It takes five people to hold together. It is said that 400 to 500 pounds of ginkgo can be knotted each year Marlboro Lights. In late autumn, the leaves are yellow, and this millennium silver can become a beautiful landscape in the Yuquan Temple. The growth cycle of ginkgo trees is different. Ginkgo tree, also known as the white fruit tree, the grandson tree. It grows very slowly, it takes six or seventy years to bear fruit, and you plant it, at least it will be harvested by your grandchildren, so it is also called "Gongsunshu"; its fruit is white, called ginkgo, edible value and The medicinal value is very high, so it is also called the white fruit tree. This tree has a long survival time, and there are ginkgo trees for centuries and millennia. The oldest ginkgo tree in the world has lived for 3,000 years. Moreover, in the process of growing ginkgo trees, there are few pests and diseases, and it is the old birthday star in the tree. It is known as the ��God Tree�� by the world. Ginkgo trees are widely used as treasures. The ginkgo tree is tall and straight, the leaf is fan-shaped, has a cooling effect, and has appreciation, economy and medicinal value. The ginkgo leaves are fan-shaped and contain a variety of pharmaceutical ingredients, which can be viewed and used as medicine; the ginkgo is not only high-grade nourishing fruit, but also It is an excellent Chinese herbal medicine. It can be eaten and disinfected by raw food. The cooked food can be used to collect lung and asthma. Li Shizhen highly praises it in the Compendium of Materia Medica. Ginkgo tree has strong adaptability and is very broad in climate and soil. Toxic gas, is an excellent tree Ginkgo tree has a clear goal, always up, proudly standing between the heavens and the earth, giving people a sense of perseverance, fortitude and usefulness, it dedicate everything to people, this spirit Is it not worth learning?

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