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 Can you enjoy walking
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09.09.2019 04:32
Pierwsze literki... i cyferki
Pierwsze literki... i cyferki
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Can you enjoy walking? Yes, walking is enjoyment. Look for a place with green trees, fresh air, and few pedestrians. Carry a backpack with a small radio and walk forward. Go forward and walk forward. It is really a pleasant way to enjoy the scenery. . Walk in one place every day and enjoy the changes of the scenery around you. When you go through the same road every day, you can feel the breeze blowing through your ears, you can feel the sun shining on people, you can feel the raindrops falling on your hair, you can see the birds jumping on the branches. Jumping, you can hear the different sounds of the birds, you can see the different changes of the bamboo leaves every day, you can see the leaves gradually become yellow, you can see the pebbles gradually flattened, people can see the water in the pool It is clear, I can see the bluegrass blossoming... I can see that some people are walking around like themselves. I can see that the old lady who likes to sing is enjoying herself. She can see the grandmother who likes to dance and dance her arms. To a pair of old people dancing in ballroom dancing, I can see many people walking along the road of health through me. If you calm down, you will slowly develop the feeling that you can feel the power of life and walk with your heart. A tree-lined, sparsely populated place, you have to think about something when you walk around your head. A few days ago, I might think about it and think about it. But for a long time Marlboro Gold, I always feel that I will waste time. In this way, you will think about life, sort out your own thoughts, think about your work, think about your future, and think about your friends. Everything in life is presented in my mind. The time is long, and the classification is gradually carried out, and various things will gradually become clear in my mind By walking, I thought a lot of things. I also remembered that many of the things that my parents said are correct. I may think of someone I need to thanknd you can know about big things. It��s great to listen to the radio while walking. Because wearing headphones, it will affect the diaphragm for a long time, listening to the radio, quiet in the park, how good. The current radio station has programs from morning till night Marlboro Cigarettes. From Central Taiwan to Hubei Taiwan to Yichangtai, meaning from the central government to the provinces and cities to the local, big things and small things can know the world. By listening to the radio, I know that China has become the third country in the world with stealth fighters (USA, Russia, China); knowing the spirit of the 18th National Congress, Xi Jinping will lead the Chinese people to the road of beauty and happiness; I also heard the music I liked. Haha, I have gone awkwardly, and I know the world��s big things. It��s much better than staying in front of the computer! Walking can be a healthy body. When walking, the body is moving, the body will be smooth, the blood flow will speed up, the general will not hurt, the body will be healthier. Have health to have something else. Otherwise, everything is no good. Of course, when you walk, you must use the right way, chest, inhale, and lift your arms. Our body will become more and more straight. While walking, smile at yourself, smile at flowers, smile at your body, and your body will smile at you. How did the disease come and how to get out of it. Treat your body with your heart. When you walk, think about your health and your body will become healthier. Because exercise is the same as doing things, you can do it if you want it. The same is true for walking. Thinking about how to be down-to-earth and healthy, what a wonderful thing. Jefferson, the third president and politician educator in the United States, said: "Walking is an excellent sport, and people should develop the habit of taking a long road." It��s a kind of enjoyment, and it��s also an excellent sport. It can make us gain a lot. Let us fall in love and enjoy walking.
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