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 Jacob & Co Epic X Chrono Rose Gold Green Dial EC312.42.SB.GN.A Replica
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20.07.2021 12:22
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Pierwsze literki... i cyferki
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Hand with Jacob & Co. Astronomical Sky An even luxury version of luxury, Jacob & Co. Astronomical Sky is a huge luxury Replica that has exotic 3D displays for time and astronomical indications. Although the American jeweler is known for its bejeweled's multi-time area, the day is a mechanical charming time plan, which is built by complications expert Ateliers7H38, founded by Luca Soprana and Christophe Naudin. In fact, everything visible in front of the days of the sky, with a revolution in one minute to one year, speed from a revolution to a year.

The bright blue titanium-titanium dial has been rotated in the face of the face, which is an approximate indication of the star time, or the earth surrounds a revolution around the sun.

On the blue dial is a gold-plated ellipse, you can travel on the constellation and stars, showing a part of the sky from the Northern Hemisphere to that point in that point in time. The edge of the blue dial is a month indication for a permanent watches men

The globe of the center is the function of coating titanium and day and night indicator. Extend from the central axis of four arms, each carrying mechanism different parts; the central axis rotates dials every 20 minutes to move the entire mechanism with it.

Hours and minutes are located on a sub-dial mounted on the third arm, and the sub-dial also contains a differential system. This ensures that the sub-dial is always aligned with respect to the surface of the watch, even if the central axis rotates for 20 minutes.

The opposite time is shown to be a three-axis gyleta, and there are two cages to rotate for 60 seconds and five minutes, respectively; the final shaft is a 20-minute rotation of the central axis.

Another arm has "track seconds", which is basically a rim secondary second needle similar to the satellite. The other end of the arm is connected to 1 gram orange sapphire, which is equally rotated once every watches online

The size of the display means that the watch is huge, with a diameter of 47 mm, a thickness of 25mm, but a panoramic of a sports. Since the rose gold box is more like a frame, a large sapphire window is installed, so the parties can see sports.

Each control windings and settings on a pair of pull-out tags later. The whole wind is 60 hours.

Jacob & co.

The marriage of art and technology, the collection of Jacob Holding is his expression of the miracle of the front-sield and mechanical Swiss watch project.

Jacob & Co. High Jewelry Art and Senior Horlogerie combined with the most challenging gem setting technology on the jewelry bench, with the highest skill of Switzerland.jacob & co astronomia price

It is considered to be the "Master of World", Jacob & Co. The smart Gents Series challenged the traditional Swiss table, with an elegant, multi-function or sports watch that transcends trends.

Jacob & Co is concentrated and boldly dazzling, and the watch provides unlimited innovation in elegant jewelry technology and mechanical watchmaking.

The iconic collection represents a breakthrough work that triggers a revolution in viewing design. They inspire countless competitors, but keep unparalleled. Today, they are the benchmark driver behind our latest creation. Breitling replica

Indeks Forum -> Ogłoszenia -> Kupie, Sprzedam, Zamienie, Inne -> Sprzedam -> Jacob & Co Epic X Chrono Rose Gold Green Dial EC312.42.SB.GN.A Replica 
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